»Designing Politics – The Politics of Design and the Digital Era«. Vortrag im Rahmen der Vorlesungsreihe »Embodying Values in Design: Theory, Approach & Practice«, Muthesius-Hochschule, Kiel 26.4.2016

Gestaltung: Vanessa Schnurre / Grafik: Joshua von Hofen
Gestaltung: Vanessa Schnurre / Grafik: Joshua von Hofen

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Design has to face new realities and to address fundamental changes in awareness and conduct of life. What is new about reality? Compared with previous generations, we are realizing fundamental shifts in reference values: Structural change in the global economy, technological change, the transformation of the media landscape, the change of values in society, and demographic change as well as people’s relationships with nature and environmental protection. The promise of salvation of modernism has become obsolete when faced with the diagnosis that while the standard of living might appear as rising, the quality of life is, in fact, deteriorating.


Zu dieser Vorlesungsreihe:
Embodying Values in Design: Theory, Approach & Practice

Values-added is touted as the expertise of Design. But values are more than value-for-money. In the history of Design, there were several episodes in which design for social rather than user values was the guiding principle. Underlying these endeavours was the assumption that designed artifacts could express, embody and materialize higher human values. This assumption lives on and today, some designers, educators and researchers seek values besides or beyond functionality, usability and beauty. They aim to, by design, contribute to human wellbeing, sustainability, democracy, justice and more. In Sommersemester 2016, we intend to look more closely at designing that seeks, negotiates and embodies human values. We go after the following questions: What are the theories that inform research and practice? What are the approaches for negotiating and embodying human values in design? What are the exemplary practices?

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